DIY Home Remodel: The Beginning

DIY Home Remodel: The Beginning

Well, I seem to have gotten my little family into a situation in which there’s no turning back from. By “little family,” I mean my significant other, myself, and our two cats. By “situation,” I mean a complete DIY home remodel that I totally underestimated. We bought our first home in December, moved in mid-January, and have been living among the boxes and wreckage ever since. We are only in the beginning stages of the remodel, and so far, it has been such a frustrating and yet somehow still rewarding experience. Oh, and absolute chaos. It’s been that too.

Why do I blame myself for this? I happen to be the only one out of us four that wasn’t happy with the outdated 90’s interior. Everything except for the new carpeting upstairs is original to the house when it was built in ’93. Yes, I know that isn’t really that outdated, but the perfectionist and interior design enthusiast in me just couldn’t deal. Ok, maybe too much HGTV and Pinterest is to blame as well, but does it really matter at this point? As soon as we began ripping and tearing things up, reality set in and the ‘oh crap’ moment followed soon after.

My goal with this blog is to document our home remodeling experience and eventually (once that whole mess is finished) share my other projects and ventures. The point of this initial post is to show the unglamorous, disorganized, and chaotic phase of home remodeling. Hopefully one day there will be a follow-up post to show the completed look that makes all the madness worth it. If not, than I am stuck in home remodeling hell for all of eternity and please send help. So without further ado – a little peak into our current living situation:

DIY Home Remodel –  Life in the Beginning Phases

Future Breakfast Nook
The breakfast nook – or storage for tools, materials, and trash
DIY Home Remodel - Garage Clutter
The garage – or a collection of all our belongings
The patio – or our work space / dumpster

As you can see, there isn’t much order here. And I am a person that needs some order in my home. So it should come as no surprise that I am living in a constant state of anxiety… oh yeah, and my eye started doing this thing recently were it doesn’t stop twitching. It’s fine, though.

DIY Home Remodel - Junk Room
The spare room – Currently the junk room
DIY Home Remodel - Temporary Living Room
The guest bedroom – Currently the living room

Look how functional the extra bedrooms are. One room serves as a temporary living room and the other is a giant, room-sized junk drawer. How convenient. But seriously, our actual living room is currently unlivable. We kind of tore up the flooring.

DIY Home Remodel - Paint Samples
Hi, my name is Kaylene and I’m addicted to paint samples

My frequent paint sample purchases started to raise some concern in the household. So now I have a secret stash in one of the spare closets. Problem solved!

Lastly, in true crazy cat lady form, I feel it is only necessary to end with a picture of my fur babies relaxing in our old apartment before all of this mess began. Remodel progress posts are soon to come!

DIY Home Remodel - Cats
The calm before the storm

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