Home Remodel Progress Update – I’m Back!

Home Remodel Progress Update – I’m Back!

I was super enthusiastic about starting this blog nine months ago… buuuuut life got in the way as usual. And I’ll admit – I got lazy. Add some out-of-state family visitors, overseas vacations, and life-changing personal struggles and events to the mix and you can see how that doesn’t leave room for much home remodel progress to occur. I’ve gradually worked myself back in to the swing of things and I think I’m ready to give this another shot.

The good news is: our remodeling efforts weren’t completely halted, and we have actually gotten a decent amount of work done. Bad news: I really slacked at documenting it all, so there’s not much to show for progress. I did manage to get some pictures though, so hopefully these are enough to get a good idea of what we’ve done so far.

Home Remodel Progress Pics:

Home Remodel Progress - Wood-Look Plank Tile
Wood-look plank tile progress

We’re really struggling with the wood-look tile. Tile alone is difficult to lay for beginners – plank tiles are even more difficult. We sort of took a break from tiling out of frustration, but we’re about to get back into it again shortly once we finish the kitchen cabinets (post on that project to follow). Oh yeah, and look at my awesome new light fixture in the dining room… I’m in love!

Home Remodel Progress - Geometric Light Fixture
New geometric light fixture and ceiling paint in the dining room

Both spare bedrooms are so close to being completed! They really just needed some fresh paint and new ceiling fans. Only thing left to do with these rooms is install the new baseboard moulding and add some furniture.

Home Remodel Progress - Dark Green Bedroom
“The Green Room”

So, it’s hard to tell from the photos, but each bedroom is painted a different color. One room is a dark blue/green (I guess that would be a dark teal?). The other is just a dark blue. Desk clutter is not part of the design, in case you were wondering.

Home Remodel Progress - Dark Blue Bedroom and Office
“The Blue Room”

We also adopted more fur babies! We just love living in chaos, apparently. This time it’s the puppy kind… I’ve since learned that ‘puppy’ is synonymous with ‘tiny, pooping monster-beast.’

Home Remodel Progress - Nala and Arya - Puppy sisters!
Nala and Arya – Puppy sisters!

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