House Remodel Before Photos – Part 1

House Remodel Before Photos – Part 1

Ok, so I’ve realized that my husband and I seriously failed to get decent photos of the house before we started any work to it. I did some digging around and managed to find the MLS photos* that were used in the real estate listing when we purchased the house. Which is awesome, because it shows exactly how it looked before we even stepped foot in it. There’s a lot, so I’ll be splitting this up into two posts. This post will focus on the house remodel before photos of the main living areas.

Living and Dining Room

House Remodel Before Photos - Living Room

This is the entryway/living room. To the left of the front door is a half-bathroom and to the right is a coat closet.

House Remodel Before Photos - Living Room

Another angle of the living room and you can now see the dining room that leads into the kitchen. I hate the blocky, closed off stair way. It’s supposed to be a built-in entertainment area for a TV and media center, but it just looks awful. It will be coming down one day and a proper stair railing will replace it.

Also, see how shiny the floor tile is? The finish on it makes it super slick and I’ve caught myself from slipping on it more times than I can keep track of. Coincidentally, it happened to be the first thing we demo’d. It wasn’t because I was bitter about the slippery tile or anything.

House Remodel Before Photos - Living Room

Notice all the cabling on the floor… Almost every room has long coaxial cables coming out of the walls. Apparently someone liked having their TVs accessible throughout the entire house.

House Remodel Before Photos - Dining Room

Another dining room view looking into the kitchen.

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

House Remodel Before Photos - Kitchen

Our tiny kitchen with it’s lovely track lighting and mixed appliances.

House Remodel Before Photos - Kitchen

Ok, so yes, it’s extremely small. But we live in Arizona, where apparently small kitchens are just a thing you have to deal with.

House Remodel Before Photos - Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nook area and garage entry. Oh, and more of the lovely cables protruding from the wall.

House Remodel Before Photos - Breakfast Nook

Another breakfast nook view. This house was previously a rental property, as evident by the standard vertical blinds on almost every window.

Garage and Backyard

House Remodel Before Photos - Back Patio

The back patio leading out from the breakfast nook/kitchen. Look at that sad, droopy fan. The summer heat here tends to melt our outdoor ceiling fans.

Now let’s talk about this horrendous wall to wall cement pad. First of all, why??

House Remodel Before Photos - Backyard

The cement covers the majority of the backyard. I really don’t understand why anyone would do this to a perfectly good backyard. It is, by far, the thing I dislike the most about this house, and it is definitely getting torn out at some point (most of it, anyway).

House Remodel Before Photos - Garage

Lastly, our two-car garage! We’ve been garage-less apartment renters our entire adult lives and the sun has destroyed the paint on my poor car as a result. This was a must-have on our list when we were house hunting.

The laundry area is also here, which I’m not a fan of, but our last laundry closet was in the kitchen, so I can’t really complain.

More house remodel before photos can be seen here in Part 2.

*All photographs used in this blog post are the property of: ©Picture Perfect MLS, LLC

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