New Light Fixtures – Let there be light

New Light Fixtures – Let there be light

Here’s a quick post to show some of the new light fixtures I installed all by myself! Ok, my husband helped with some of the heavy lifting, but one of those fans is on a 20 foot ceiling… Some extra hands were necessary! I’ll make a better post later on showing the house before any remodeling work started, but just to give you an idea: half the house lighting consisted of ugly, outdated track lighting. The other half of the lighting came from various ceiling fans that were all mismatched in style and era. I’m pretty sure one of those fans predates the house (seen here).

New Light Fixtures - Outdated Track Can Lighting
The outdated track lighting that was used all over the house.

A quick look at some of the new light fixtures:

New light fixtures - Contemporary oil-rubbed bronze fan
New contemporary fans with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.
New Light Fixtures - Crystal Chandelier
Oil-rubbed bronze crystal chandelier in the entryway.

I never thought I would want a crystal chandelier in my home, but something came over me when I saw this online. I had to have it. My favorite part about this chandelier is the copper tones that are visible behind the oil rubbed bronze finish. So I guess the lighting style in our home now is a traditional and contemporary mix.

New Light Fixtures - Chandelier and Pendant Light
I love how the new traditional chandelier and pendant light look in the entry/stair way!

Lastly, I want to talk about the difficulty level of installing ceiling fans and light fixtures coming from a complete beginner. I started out by replacing the ceiling fans in each of the bedrooms. Looking back, I should have started out by replacing the light fixtures, because those are so much simpler to install than a remote-operated ceiling fan. The first fan took me over 3 hours to get installed and wired correctly. Fortunately, each fan installation after that was quicker and easier than the one before. So yes, there’s a learning curve, but it’s pretty simple once you’ve done it a couple times. It just takes a little patience and a couple extra hands to help with lifting and holding things up.

That’s all I have for this post, but you can see a couple new light fixtures not shown here in my last post.

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