Why I Chose IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Why I Chose IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Since starting our kitchen remodel, I’ve received some very opinionated views about my choice in cabinets. So let’s talk about why I chose IKEA kitchen cabinets.

First of all, I’m not the type of person to make a major purchasing decision solely based on price. I fully understand that you get what you pay for. That being said, there’s also a level of quality I am willing to sacrifice if the price is right.

Originally, I wasn’t even considering IKEA as an option. However, after lots of searching online and getting quotes from cabinet makers, I realized we would not be able to afford new cabinets (at least not in the traditional sense). Most quotes I got ranged between $10-15k. Have you seen how small my kitchen is??? If you haven’t yet, check out the before photos of the kitchen. It’s tiny. And those quotes were just for the cabinets! That didn’t include the sink, the counter tops, or the backsplash.

I did some more searching online and discovered other bloggers posting about their IKEA kitchens and how they loved the end result. These weren’t affiliate posts either, so it’s not like anyone was paying them to rave about it. To my surprise, IKEA kitchen cabinets are actually very sturdy and the quality is a lot better than some of their other products. And they have a 25 year warranty, so you get free replacements for any parts that break or wear down. AND an awesome one-year return policy.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Pricing

Ok, so now that IKEA was on my radar, I needed to look at pricing. Because, as we all know, the major downside to IKEA is the fact that you have to put the furniture together yourself. So the price needs to make all that work worthwhile. To be completely honest though, if I have a glass (or two… or three) of wine and some music, I actually really love putting their furniture together.

The best way to get a general idea of cost is to create a rough design of what you’re wanting in the IKEA Kitchen Planner tool. Fair warning: it is slooow. It will frustrate you. You may want to throw your laptop across the room. Don’t do this. Once you have a design, you can view a list of all the pieces included in your design and the total price.

In our first design, the total price came out to about $4k. Keep in mind, the rough draft list price will probably increase quite a bit. Once you go to the store and log in to your “final draft” in front of an IKEA kitchen planner employee, they will edit it even more. There will be a lot of added pieces you didn’t include in your plan because you didn’t know they were necessary. Our total for the cabinets at the store came out to about $4,500, which included the savings we racked up from their 20% sale. Oh yeah, IKEA does these huge kitchen sales about 2-3 times a year. In my observations (so scientific!), it seems their first sale of the year tends to be the better deal.

Final Thoughts

Given everything I learned from my “research,” I thought the value of what you get with an IKEA kitchen is well worth it considering the cost savings. I could not find one bad review on the quality of their cabinets online. The few disaster stories I did find were a result of the installer (usually the homeowner) not following the directions or safety precautions. I.E., your wall cabinets will come tumbling down if they are not properly supported by wall studs.

Now I’m not saying that these cabinets are perfect – there are definitely some things to complain about. For example, the cheap, plastic legs they use by default can easily break during installation. However, the majority of the base cabinet weight is being held up by the metal support railing. The legs are mainly used for leveling and to hold the toe kicks in place. However, IKEA sells sturdier metal legs you can opt for instead of the plastic ones for a higher price. Minor problems like this really don’t phase me, and don’t affect my judgement in the cabinet quality.

Another progress post is soon to come, but in the meantime, check out my first IKEA kitchen remodel progress post.

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